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Why should I use these services?

Because there’s always some part of a house project where professional help is more than welcome, i.e. high stairwells. Our painters also carry tools that most homeowners might not have access to.

What if I’m unsure of how many hours my project will take?
When you call us we will ask for details about your project and give you our best answer as to how long a project will take. Our painters will also evaluate your project when they arrive and give you a much more thorough estimate.
What happens if I go over or under my hours?

There will be no hour overages. Our painters will assess the situation as they go along, and will be well informed of what time is required. However, should extra time be necessary the flat rate still applies.

All time used will be rounded up to the nearest hour. Any unused time after that will be refunded.

Specials & Discounts

We offer discounts at 3 local Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams retail stores.

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Select your project and select your date. Upon, confirmation you will be billed for the first hour of service. We will see you then.


Do you just need professional advice and/or how-to?  Need to figure out what you need? We have you covered as little or as much as you need from start to finish. Contact us for a free estimate.


The job is done to your satisfaction and you were billed only for what you hired us for.

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