Frequently Asked

Why should I use these services?

Because there’s always some part of a house project where professional help is more than welcome, i.e. high stairwells. Our painters also carry tools that most homeowners might not have access to.

Why shouldn’t I just go with a traditional contractor?

Traditional paint contractors billing is based 90% on labour, and 10% on materials. For some jobs, unless they can get a full days worth of work in, they will have a minimum charge that far exceeds the cost of what the project actually entail

What if I’m unsure of how many hours my project will take?

When you call us we will ask for details about your project and give you our best answer as to how long a project will take. Our painters will also evaluate your project when they arrive and give you a much more thorough estimate

What supplies do I need to provide for my project?

Paint, roller sleeves, tape, mud, and caulking if needed. Should your project have any other specific needs we will let you know beforehand. Our painters will also have a supply on hand for purchase should you run short

Are you insured?

We are covered with WCB, along with painting contractor specific insurance

Are you part of the BBB?

Yes. Feel free to check us out through BBB (

What happens if I go over my hours?

There will be no hour overages. Our painters will assess the situation as they go along, and will be well informed of what time is required. However, should extra time be necessary the flat rate still applies.

Also all time used will be rounded up to the nearest hour. Any unused time after that will be refunded.

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