Concrete Floor Painting

Concrete floor painting can dramatically improve the appearance of the space, whilst simultaneously protecting your flooring from damage often caused by regular footfall.

Concrete is used in a lot of areas within our home and businesses and can often be seen as hard, ugly features of our home that we overlook. Concrete paints can be used for exterior or interior use, to improve many aspects of your concrete floors. Some reasons for painting concrete floors include:

  • Improve the appearance of your space
  • Protect your flooring from damage
  • Cover up stains or marks on your existing concrete
  • Easier cleaning & maintenance

4 Reasons To Paint Your Concrete Floor

Painting concrete flooring may not be high on your list of home improvements, but there are plenty of reasons why you should prioritize hiring On The Spot Painting to work on your basement floors, garage floors or other concrete surfaces.

Improve The Space

The top reason to paint concrete floors is to improve how it looks. Whether it’s painted concrete or stained concrete, adding colour to your space will dramatically improve the appearance of the room.

If you have a space that has concrete walls, adding a pop of colour can help transform it from industrial to lived-in.

Protect Your Flooring

Painting concrete floors not only improves the appearance, but is also functional too. Adding two coats of floor paint to the entire surface area act as a layer of protection on top of your concrete.

Concrete is very absorbant and can be stained quite easily if exposed to water drips or oil splashes regularly. Paint can act as a protectant for your concrete slab, preventing damage that looks unsightly and may cause cracks later down the line.

Cover Up Stains Or Marks

Paint is great at protecting against future stains, but it also works well to cover up any pre-existing stains or marks on your concrete floors.

Some stains may penetrate deep into the concrete floors and may be impossible to remove, so covering them up with good quality floor paint will make a huge difference in the way your space looks and feels.

Easier Cleaning & Maintenance

Concrete can be difficult to clean and keep on top of, due to the nature of the material. Coating your concrete floors with an appropriate paint, such as epoxy paint, means cleaning your new space will be so much easier.

FAQ’s for Concrete Floor Painting

Q. How Can I Make My Concrete Floor Look Good?

A. If you have a concrete floor in your garage, basement or mud room, you may find its appearance very off-putting. More often than not, concrete floors are meant to be functional and there isn’t a large focus on the way it looks, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

On The Spot Painting firmly believe that you don’t have to put up with a concrete floor that you’re unhappy with. Adding a simple paint or stain to your entire floor can dramatically improve the appearance, and durability of your floors.

Q. Is It Better To Paint or Stain Concrete Floors?

A. Whether you paint or stain your concrete floor depends on the finish you’re after. A concrete stain will add colour to your flooring and will soak into the concrete for long-lasting results, whilst making it more durable too.

Whereas, concrete paint will cover the surface, adding layers on top of it for protection and colour for great-looking results.

Q. Can You Paint Over Old Concrete?

A. Due to the nature of concrete, you may have some stubborn stains or surface discolouration that won’t come out no matter what you do.

Stains can be unsightly, so adding a layer of paint to your concrete floors will improve the appearance, help cover up those nasty stains and prevent future stains from forming.

Q. How Long Does Paint Last on Concrete Flooring?

A. If you’re hiring a professional to paint your concrete flooring, your paint job could last up to 5 years, depending on the footfall and exposure to the elements.

Whether it’s your basement floor or garage floor, you’re most likely receiving a lot of foot traffic on your concrete flooring. Painted concrete floor can become chipped so may require regular maintenance to keep on top of it.

Q. How Much Does It Cost To Paint My Garage Floor?

A. Typically, we determine the price for your concrete floor painting by square footage, though there are other factors that come into play too.

We recommend contacting us to discuss your requirements so we can come out and view your property before providing you with a free no-obligation estimate for the concrete floor paint project.