Deck Painting

Giving your deck a fresh coat of paint can prevent it from deteriorating, protect it from the elements and keep it looking great all year round.

Your deck is constantly exposed to external elements like wind, rain, and sunlight which can cause it to quickly deteriorate and sustain damage over time. Maintaining the appearance and durability of your deck is easy with regular maintenance every few years, and will save you a lot of money in the long-run.

On The Spot Painting have the knowledge and skills to paint or stain your wood deck quickly and to a very high standard. Here are some other reasons you should always use a professional:

  • Best surface preparation so your paint job lasts longer
  • Good quality paints & stains for an excellent finish
  • You’ll save both time and money in the long run
  • It’ll be easier to maintain for longer

4 Reasons To Hire A Professional to Paint Your Deck

Painting your deck can be a complicated process and whilst it’s possible to do it yourself, we do recommend consulting with professionals to ensure that it’s done correctly for maximum impact and protection. But why should you use On The Spot Painting over choosing to do it yourself?

1. Best Surface Preparation

Painting your deck involves more than just painting. To get the best possible long-lasting results, the surface needs to be prepped beforehand. Firstly, the wood deck needs a really thorough wash to ensure any dirt or mold has been removed, preferably with a power washer or pressure washer for maximum results.

The surface of the deck then needs any old deck paint or deck stain to be removed, making sure loose paint chips are gone and the surface has been sanded so the deck is ready for new paint.

Performing a pressure wash and rigorous sanding of your deck can be a very involved process and can take a long time if you don’t know what you’re doing, or have the correct equipment. At On The Spot, our professional painters are well-equipped with the painting tips, knowledge and right tools to prepare your entire deck for painting.

2. Good Quality Paints & Stains

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Buying high-quality paints and stains comes with a price tag and if you don’t end up using it all, you’re wasting both product and money.

On The Spot Painting use high-quality professional paints and stains with every customer, so you can feel confident knowing that your deck will look great and have long-lasting protection throughout every season.

We opt for Sherwin Williams SuperDeck® Stains or Cloverdale SharkSkin® Deck & Siding Stain as both products are strong enough to withstand our brutal Albertan winters and have an excellent finish.

3. Saves Time & Money

Although it may seem counter-intuitive to hire a professional service to save money, it really is true. Having a professionally painted beautiful deck ensures your wood is protected against the elements.

With less chance to deteriorate or chip off, you will only need to re-paint or re-stain every few years, rather than more frequently if you do not have a high-quality paint job with high-quality products.

If you’ve ever tried painting something yourself, you will know how much time it takes to do it properly and carefully and you may not know how much paint to use. Factor in the preparation time and the drying time before each new coat, and a simple deck paint job could end up taking weeks if you’re only able to do it in your spare time.

On The Spot Painting have over 20 years of experience so we know how to be efficient, whilst performing our services at a very high standard.

4. Easy Maintenance

You shouldn’t need to constantly be updating your deck to protect the material, a good quality stain or paint should be doing all the work for you. Working with On The Spot Painting allows you to have access to the best quality products, increasing the lifespan of your painted deck.

What Is The Best Process for a Painted Deck?

On The Spot Painting have developed a multi-step process for painting or staining your deck, to ensure you’re happy with our services every single time. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy, so read on to find out how we perform our deck painting services from start to finish and contact On The Spot to get started today.

Free Consultation

Before we can begin any work, we need to know exactly what you want, and what your wood deck currently looks like.

This allows us to give you a fairly-priced no-obligation quote so you know what you’ll be expected to pay if you choose to work with us. It also allows us to ensure we understand exactly what you want from your painted or stained deck deck, so we can select the appropriate products for you and make recommendations if necessary.

If there are a large amount of cracks or broken boards in your deck, we may recommend acquiring new boards before we begin painting, to ensure your wood deck looks like a brand new deck when we’re finished.

Deck Cleaning

Cleaning your deck involves using a power washer to remove any dirt and mold to create a clean surface for us to be able to do a better job. We then let the wood dry thoroughly before proceeding with the next step.

Preparing the Area & Removing Peeling Paint

Preparing the area ensures a smooth painting project with long-lasting results. We start by removing any existing paint, chipping off loose paint or sanding down any existing stain in the wood grain.

It may also be necessary to mark off the edges to determine the area that needs to be painted on, and move or cover any surrounding items to prevent paint from staining.

Priming Your Wood Deck

Primer is very important when painting or staining your deck. A strong oil based primer will help the coats of paint adhere more easily, making the entire painting project a lot easier to complete. A solid coating of primer will also ensure your painted deck is prepared and protected which in turn, extends its lifespan.

Apply Deck Paint

We then proceed to apply paint to your entire deck, starting with a first coat. It may take multiple coats to efficiently cover the whole deck, though a second coat is usually sufficient.

We realize how exciting it is to have a newly painted deck, however it’s important that you allow time for the wet paint to dry before using the deck in any capacity.

The amount of time it takes for us to complete the project will depend on the total area of your deck and the weather conditions, though we will discuss this with you during your free consultation so you know when you can get back to enjoying your fully-painted beautiful deck.


Finally, all painting projects conclude with a walkthrough with the customer to allow you to ask any questions you may have and to confirm that you’re happy with the final painted surface.

Our professional painters will explain next steps for maintaining your painted deck as well as invite you to contact us immediately if you see any issues such as peeling paint upon drying.

FAQ’s For Deck Painting

Q. Is It Better To Paint A Deck or Stain It?

A. If it was previously painted, it may be more effective for you to paint a deck than to apply stain to old paint. If you’re starting from scratch, however, bare wood can be painted or stained depending on the finish you’re after.

Generally speaking, staining can take less time, though painting is more effective at filling in imperfections and is better at protecting your deck from mold and sun damage.

Q. How Do You Prepare A Deck For Painting?

A. Decks should be thoroughly cleaned, old paint removed and the entire surface sanded before deck paint can be applied. At On The Spot Painting, our professional painters can quickly prepare your deck so we can breathe new life into it through the power of good quality paint.

Q. Can You Paint Over An Old Deck?

A. Old wood decks can be painted over to create a smooth surface even if the old bare wood is damaged and cracked. At On The Spot Painting, we use the best paint for each circumstance, so your old deck will be looking like a brand new deck in no time at all.

Q. How Many Coats of Paint Does a Deck Need?

A. As we only use great quality deck paint, two coats are typically all that is needed. This is dependant on a number of different factors however, and we can discuss your requirements when we visit you to give you a free estimate, long before we begin applying paint.

Q. How Much Does It Cost To Paint My Deck?

A. It’s difficult to provide a general one-size-fits-all price when it comes to painting services. To ensure that we’re giving you an accurate and fair price quote, we like to come out and see your deck ourselves and discuss what you want from us first.

Wood decks come in all shapes and sizes, and can be made from different materials. How we treat your deck and what deck paint we use is going to depend on the type of deck you currently have. A cedar deck would be handled differently than pressure-treated wood, for example. To ensure that we’re giving you an accurate quote for the project, call us to book an appointment for one of our experts to come out and visit you.