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Sherwin-Williams Edmonton (Partner Spotlight)

When starting your paint project and the first step is usually to start with selecting a paint supplier. Upon the first search, it can be overwhelming with the number of paint suppliers that are available for your choosing. We partner with only the best and our articles featuring our Paint Partners will helpfully serve to assist you when choosing a trusted paint supplier for your home or commercial painting needs.

We only partner with brands that offer the best in paint selection, quality, and durability, which is why On The Spot Painting is proud to partner with Sherwin-Williams.

A little history of Sherwin-Williams in Edmonton

Sherwin-Williams was started back in 1866 by Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams. Operating continuously for over 150 years, this is a company that knows paint and is dedicated to producing consistent, quality paint.

When the company was started, the paint formula was based on the best ingredients that were available at the time. This formula has evolved and improved over the last 150 years to give us the great paint that Sherwin-Williams sells today. The original research that went into the first paint mixture back in 1866 helped kickstart the paint industry and Sherwin-Williams continues to provide industry-leading research to improve the quality of its paint to ensure it’s one of the best products on the market.

Why We Choose Sherwin-Williams

When we choose our paint partners, we want to make sure we only work with suppliers who can offer the top product for our customers. Sherwin-Williams is one of the longest-running paint suppliers in the industry, but the history of the company is not the only reason we choose Sherwin-Williams paints.

Sherwin-Williams offers a large variety of paint. Whether we’re working on an interior or exterior projects, or even in need of specialty paint, Sherwin-Williams offers it all. Their broad variety of finishes and colours make them an easy choice for almost any paint project. Their commitment to providing innovative and quality paint products is why we are confident to work with and recommend our clients to Sherwin-Williams.

Some of Our Favorite Sherwin-Williams Paint Options

We have listed some of our favorite products that are great for whatever your paint project is.

  • Best paint for interior paint projects: Emerald®
    • This interior latex paint is top quality paint and primer all in one. Emerald® paints hide stains and cover darker colours which allows great results in fewer coats.
  • Best paint for high traffic areas: Duration Home®
    • To help keep scuff marks to a minimum, Duration Home® is a great choice for areas that see high traffic or need “kid-proofing”. This paint & primer solution will help cover old stains and new stains will wipe off quickly while not losing any colour.
  • Best paint for paint beginners: Cashmere®
    • If you’re looking to tackle a paint project on your own, Cashmere® paints are the most forgiving paint and primer solutions. You’ll get an outstanding finish that’ll make you feel like a pro.
  • Best paint for ease & speed: SuperPaint®
    • If you need to ensure your paint will cover and last long, this time-saving paint and primer is a great choice.
  • Best stain for outdoors: SuperDeck® Stains
    • With a complete line of deck products, including wood stains and clear sealers, Sherwin-Williams makes it easy to achieve beautiful results when working on your exterior space.

Sherwin-Williams Top 50 Paint Colours

Sherwin-Williams offers a top 50 list of their most popular paint colours which include a variety of neutrals that span a full spectrum of shades and hues.

Sherwin-Williams Top 50 Paint Colours
Sherwin-Williams Top 50 Paint Colours
Sherwin-Williams Top 50 Paint Colours

More paint inspiration from Sherwin-Williams Edmonton

Check out Sherwin-Williams’s Instagram page for some great ideas on how to incorporate Sherwin-Williams paint into your next paint project. Or head over to their Pinterest page for even more inspiration! You can also tune in to Sherwin-Williams’s YouTube for even more information on their product, paint technology, and design ideas. 

Sherwin-Williams Paint Stores Near You

Interested in exploring Sherwin-Williams paint for yourself? Contact us for a free colour consultation today and we can come to you with the full range of Sherwin-Williams Paint samples or feel free to visit one of our local Sherwin-Williams stores to grab some paint samples for yourself. They also have a great selection of helpful colour handbooks to give you some colour combination ideas.

Edmonton & Area Sherwin-Williams Paint Locations